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at the naacp's annual meeting in houston, texas with a message for black voters. >> if you want a president who will make things better in the african-american community, you are looking at him. >> reporter: about 90% of black voters are expected to support president obama in november, but romney says that support has not led to results. he points out while the u.s. unemployment rate is just over 8%, among blacks it's much higher, 14.4%. >> unemployment rate, the duration of unemployment, average income, median family wealth are all worse in the black community. >> reporter: romney believes staying focused on the economy can help him win in november and polls show the race is tightening. a new survey of voters nationwide shows romney just three points behind 46-43 -- 46% to 43%. president obama has been working to lock in his support in the battleground states. >> the stakes in this election could not be bigger. >> reporter: he traveled to iowa on tuesday trying to reignite the enthusiasm that led him to victory four years ago. >> i'm betting that you are going to be as fired up as you were in
is headed for republican territory looking to collect $4 million at a handful of fund raising stops in texas. >> president barack obama. >> reporter: monday he took in an olympic exhibition basketball game after hammering mitt romney at a town hall in ohio. >> governor romney's plan would actually encourage companies to shift more of their operations to foreign tax havens creating 800,000 jobs in those other countries. >> reporter: the president told voters in cincinnati there have never been two more different visions for the country. >> you're the tie breaker. the choice is up to you. >> reporter: mitt romney is campaigning in the swing state of pennsylvania today trying to take the focus off his business record and put it on the president's economic record. >> i think it's finally time for us to talk about his record, the kind of failure he's had and being able to create jobs, to get rising incomes again. >> reporter: even some republicans have started to say obama's attacks focusing on romney's time as c.e.o. of bain capital are sticking to the g.o.p. candidate like velcro. but other rom
, north texas, little rock. yesterday they were 111. a lot of heat here. i'm telling new because some of that is going to break off and head toward us as we head toward the weekend. not going to be hundreds but well back in the 90s with this ridge here. all the heat, showers and storms, very powerful storms across parts of alabama, west florida, even coming out of michigan. so we've got the spotty showers on the future cast for the afternoon. lack at the storms in the mountains march toward the east this evening. 6:00 p.m. not everybody is going see the rain, and i know many folks need it. we're still seven and a half inches below normal since january 1st here in d.c. tonight things settle down, then tomorrow looks like the rain is going to be a little bit more weighed spread. so a better chance for showers and storms areawide tomorrow than today. then we're going to start to dry out and warm up. so about 81 today. yellow alert because some of us are going to be impacted by these storms where it may mess up an afternoon or evening plan to get outside. tonight we're dipping into the 70
in texas but because of financial stress, he had to move in with an adult cousin. he was reduced to being a live- in nanny or house boy just doing chores and not going to school. that's when he realized his education was a top priority. >> i don't want things to go wrong with me and i focus on my education. >> reporter: when he enrolled in public high school in falls church, the school social worker realized he was homeless. he was referred to the alternative house and through their homeless youth initiative, he now shares a home with three roommates. >> my roommates ask about my education. i know they care about me. >> the rent is partially subsidized. he pays $150 a month with the money he turns while working at sears part-time. >> my manager always care about me. >> last year the homeless youth initiative helped 17 high school students earn their diplomas. >> it's been phenomenally successful. it takes kids who probably would have to drop out of school to feed themselves and gets them the high school diploma and the support they need to go on to education and employment. >> in africa,
is addressing the naacp's annual convention being held in houston, texas. biden got a rousing welcome this morning unlike the reception that republican mitt romney received yesterday. >> when the economy was about to go over the cliff, i watched him make some of the toughest decisions any president has had to make since franklin delano roosevelt. he saved the nation's financial system and in doing so he prevented a worldwide depression. it wasn't a popular decision, but it was a essential decision and he was right. >> yesterday romney was booed by the same crowd when he said that he would eliminate nonessential programs, including president obama's health care reform law. mitt romney did hear polite applause when he spoke about helping the middle class. >>> in 2008 republican presidential candidate john mccain got just 4% of the african-american vote. >>> what's happening with congressman jesse jackson, jr. new information from his office is not putting to rest questions his absence from work. right now he is on medical leave. danielle nottingham reports many people on capitol hill ne
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5